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Toshiba Previews Prototype Cell TVs

Toshiba is featuring a technology demo of a 56-inch, 4Kx2K pixel panel with Cell processor, converting imagery from 1920x1080p to 3840x2160p – along with a set-top box that can record up to six HD programs at once.  It is also using its “Resolution+” development with new noise reduction technology.


Also on display is a 55-inch backlit LED panel that uses the Cell platform. It is slated for release in Japan during Q3 and the company anticipates a U.S. release in early 2010.

Also in its booth, Toshiba is demoing a prototype of a spatial motion interface. Like a scene in Minority Report, attendees were gathered around, using hand motions to control the device.  Everybody was tight-lipped about where the technology comes from, but it sure looked a lot like the Prime Sense demo we got in a whisper suite a few days back…


Additional prototype: A water-resistant Internet viewer.

Where to see it:

  • Central 12814


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