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Spatial View 3DeeScreen; S3D overlay for regular laptop

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Spatial View 3DeeScreen

The Spatial View 3DeeScreen combines the 3DeeLens and mounting frame with associated software to enable auto-stereo 3D viewing on a standard laptop. Using the laptop WEB cam, the 3DeeScreen system tracks the viewer’s eye position and adjusts the 3D image up to thirty times per second to maintain optimal stereo 3D viewing.

The 3DeeLens

The 3DeeLens is a lenticular screen calibrated specifically for laptop displays providing an optimal auto-stereo 3D experience. Using SVI’s screen analysis and lens calibration tools, the lens is manufactured to very high tolerances and uses optical grade materials to provide a bright and accurate stereo 3D display. The frame is designed for easy attachment and detachment with perfect alignment of the lenticules with screen pixels virtually every time.

The Software

  • Calibration – The calibration software makes it quick and easy to optimize the stereo 3D effect for every laptop. Using a simple interface the user makes slight adjustments to the interlacing software to adjust for minor horizontal and rotational shifts to the specific display. Laptop screens may vary slightly from sample to sample. Once calibrated, there is usually no need to re-calibrate the screen again.
  • 3DeeCentral – 3DeeCentral is a PC application which provides access to Spatial View’s growing library of 3D content. Users can download free and paid content including, short animations, music videos, videos and image sets of exotic marine and animal life. Once downloaded the content can be played or viewed using the 3DeeCentral player.
  • blu-ray 3D – Spatial View is working closely with Cyberlink and Arcsoft to enable 3DeeScreen support. Now you can watch 3D blu-ray movies on your PC without glasses. SVI is working with other software vendors to include 3DeeScreen support in their products.

System Requirements

  • Intel i5 or equivalent CPU
  • Nvidia, AMD or equivalent GPU for hardware assisted video decoding
  • Screen sizes between 13″ and 17″
  • Screen resolution 720p or 1080p recommended
  • Optional – blu-ray disc drive for movie playback


Spatial View is currently engaging with laptop manufacturers for the 2011 product lines.

The 3DeeScreen is available immediately for demonstration and engineering samples to be provided when manufacturer has identified and supplied the target platform.

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