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Will 2012 be the Year of Passive 3DTV?

[3D Focus]

2011 was a disappointing year for 3DTV, with much less adoption rates than the industry was hoping for. One reason for that is of course a lack of good quality 3D content, however I strongly believe that a move to passive 3D could make a huge impact on global adoption rates.

Passive 3DTV has a number of distinct advantages over the active systems, and that is becoming more and more apparent. Most of the CE manufacturers launched initially with active systems, because the cost and time-to-market is much quicker, but we are now seeing them launch passive 3DTVs. Indeed, the recent announcement from Sony means there is only one 3DTV manufacturer left only doing active. …

With so many manufacturers now offering passive sets, and likely more sets to come, we are truly seeing the move to passive 3DTV. The true effect of that remains to be seen, however, I truly believe that moving to passive 3DTV technology will be the first step to making 3DTV mainstream. The reduced cost of passive 3D glasses and the widespread compatibility across devices will surely catapult the marketplace to a level simply unattainable with active 3D.

Furthermore, I believe a move to passive technology will also bring with it a wider range of 3D content.  …

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