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Silicon Image demo's SMART system at NAB

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Silicon Imaging, the recipient of this years International 3D Society Technology Award, announces the patent-pending SI-3D Stereo Monitoring, Analysis, Recording and Transmission (S.M.A.R.T) system . SMART captures images from RAW or HD-SDI sources, such as RED, ARRI, Sony, Panasonic, Canon, P+S and Silicon Imaging SI-2K to perform stereo analysis, image correction, 3D LUT color processing and recording, all in a single portable platform under wireless control via Apple iPad. Camera alignment and scene depth information, along with rig and lens controls are displayed graphically with the stereo video.  SMART determines residual errors caused by lens mismatch and keystones from convergence and generates real-time warped corrected video outputs.  For live-events, it can directly output side-by-side corrected material and externally encoded for Internet delivery.   Recording can be either uncompressed or visually lossless compressed into a single file encapsulating both left and right eyes along with audio, rig motion, stereo correction and timecode metadata.  The recorded content can be immediatelyedited in Final Cut, Avid, Adobe Premier Pro or other applications supporting Apple QuickTime files on a PC or Mac, or linked with 4K source material recorded in-camera.

The system captures synchronized HD-SDI streams and combines them into a variety of viewing formats such as Anaglyph, Delta, Split, Interlace and Side-by-side).  Each view is independently selectable on dual monitor outputs, for use by the director, operator and stereographer. In addition, source Left and Right inputs are directly looped out for additional distribution.  A built-in 3D LUT processor enables camera Log C or REC 709 format to be colorized with a desired look for on-set visualization. Sophisticated calibrated looks can be created using Adobe CS6 Speedgrade and fed back into post for a seamless color workflow.

The captured video is then processed by the stereo analyzer, featuring technology developed in collaboration with Fraunhofer HHI.  SMART determines camera alignment (eg. tilt, roll, height and keystones), lens focal length (zoom position) differences and relative H and V image position. Once a rig is initially aligned with its sub-pixel precision mode, cameras can be moved with inter-axial and convergence controls while the system displays a color-coded depth gauge with alarms for depth budget and geometry violations. For more detailed view of depth objects, color coded vectors can be overalyed on the image to indicate areas which would show up in front or behind the screen plane. …

Silicon Imaging will be demonstrating the SI-3D SMART system at NAB 2012 in collaboration with Fraunhofer HHI in booth C8444.

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