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Stream TV Deal Advances Glasses-Free 3D


Stream TV Networks said Tuesday it has reached a manufacturing partnership agreement with Unihan (Pegatron) Corp. to produce Stream TV’s 3D without glasses devices. 

Pegatron will produce devices incorporating Stream TV’s proprietary Ultra-D technology that can be ported to most sized displays without any noticeable loss in brightness or resolution.

The intial manufacturing partnership with will be to assemble 42-inch 3D without glasses displays and accompanying Ultra-D Seecube converter boxes that autoconvert 2D, 3D animation and stereoscopic 3D into 3D in real time without glasses.

Other products planned for the partnership roadmap include tablets, smart phones, laptops, PCs, digital communicator and television sets of various sizes. 

Pegatron will also help to distribute Ultra-D devices worldwide, the companies said.

The companies said they will also collaborate to create a worldwide 3D without glasses format based on the Ultra-D technology as a standard for their customers as well as content and broadcasting companies.

“Unihan (Pegatron)’s enormous manufacturing and R&D capabilities will allow us to accelerate the release of Ultra-D products to reach consumers in 2012,” Mathu Rajan, Stream TV Networks CEO said in a statement on the partnership. “Ultra-D is the next generation 3D technology designed to replace 3D with glasses and win preference over 2D devices.”  …

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