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Sling Media offers Wi-Fi Monitor and More

Sling Media is showing a number of new products designed to support and enhance the remote content viewing experience.

sling-touch-controlThe company is offering through the Dish Network a 15-inch Wi-Fi monitor that can be carried around the house.  It receives content through the consumer’s home Wi-Fi network.  A complementary device, the Sling Receiver, uses the consumer’s in-home wireless network to “sling” content to rooms that don’t have wired network connections.

The Sling Touch Control is a remote control with a built-in touch screen.  It allows the user to access all of the Slingbox menu capabilities, from programming the DVR to searching for content, without the need to display the menu on the primary TV screen and disturb the other people in the room who are watching TV.

Sony Report part 2: 3D Concert Events and Upcoming Products

Sony emphasized the fusion of content and technology during CES, during which the company positioned itself to lead the 3D home movement.

“We intend to take the lead in 3D,” said Sony chief Sir Howard Stringer. “We are the only company fully immersed in every part of the 3D value chain.”

Gadget ShowIts annual press conference opened with Taylor Swift, who performed her hit “Love Story” while providing a hint at potential future content. Introduced by Sir Howard, Swift confirmed that her upcoming concert tour will be documented in 3D.  Sony execs declined to provide further details.  Sir Howard also restated plans to deliver live performances in 3D, including an upcoming Kenny Chesney concert.

Sony product announcements included:

PS3s, which will be firmware upgradeable for 3D in 2010.

– Sony 3D BRAVIAs, with the first sets launching this summer.  They will come in screen sizes up to 60-inches, bundled with two pairs of active glasses.

– A prototype 3D OLED TV.

– 17 new models of camcorders, including a new Handycam that shoots full HD progressive.

– A Vaio eco-edition, made in part of recycled material.  The case is also made of recycled materials and there is no printed manual.




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