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Games that you should look into if you’re getting a 3D TV set

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So you got a 3D TV or maybe you’re going to get one. …

I’ve had a chance to check out 3D gaming on the PlayStation 3D TV set (shown in picture above). Here’s a roundup of the best games that will give you the most wow for your buck.

Super Stardust HD – This is the first game that leaped to mind when I was ready to check out the TV. I first saw it in the third dimension at GDC a few years ago and it was astounding. The reason that the effect works so well on this twin-stick shooter is that it gives you a better sense of where the enemies and obstacles are on the spherical field. Super Stardust HD just pops out of the screen, which is the reason you bought set, right? (PlayStation Network;$9.99)

Gran Turismo 5 — The 3D effect helps out tremendously when your racing. It gives players some depth perception, helping players judge corners and immerse themselves on the track. Seeing the world through the active shutter glasses, I was impressed with how it looks natural and not overdone. If you’re a racing fan, pick this up now. (PlayStation 3; $39.99)

Sonic Generations – …

Child of Eden — My roommate says that the 3D works in this game so well because the shapes are abstract. In this on-the-rail shooter, players blast at manta ray-looking creatures and entities that transform into runners and racing cars all in an effort to cleanse a network infected by a virus. To put it succinctly, the title is surreal and the way it comes at you on the screen is one of the best effects you’ll see. (PS3 has the 3D version; $39.99)

The Ico and Shadow of the Colossus Collection —…

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