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Cable360 mention of ETC and Hallmark Channel Life Stages Study

Most successful companies rarely make a move without listening to their customers. One of the people at Hallmark who deploys the listening tools and analyzes the data is Jess Aguirre, a 20-year vet of the family friendly network. And speaking of families, Jess recently aligned Hallmark with the Entertainment Technology Center at USC so the two could study how life stages influence emerging media choices. The study also seeks to spot key consumer trends and how they could influence future entertainment offerings. Jess is a member of several industry associations and is on the board of the Media Ratings Council.

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PBS Blog quotes K.C. on eReader market

As I mentioned Tuesday, the growing e-reader market and the new Barnes & Noble “Nook” had me shook.

After all, I’m a book lover and was worried that the ability to share electronic books would mean that traditional books would go the way of newspapers, records and CDs.

Not quite, says KC Blake of USC’s Entertainment Technology Center. “I don’t think any e-reader is ever going to fully replace the feeling of turning physical pages,” Blake says.

You can say that again, buddy.

Blake points out that the Nook’s ability to share electronic books is significant because consumers are used to sharing their media.

“If there’s an ability to share your e-books with your friends,” Blake says, “that’s going to be viewed as a competitive advantage for sure.” But while sharing a book is important, so is a book’s “collector appeal,” Blake adds.

“A book is viewed as educational and there’s some intrinsic value in just having this knowledge sitting on a shelf,” Blake

So does this mean that I will still be able to go to the library and bookstore to borrow and buy real books in the near

“I don’t think books are going away anytime soon,” Blake says. “I’m not sure that books will ever go away.”

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