ETCentric is a collaborative online destination providing a single online resource for the most current technology news, trends, special reports, surveys and opinions related to media, entertainment and technology. Media professionals are faced with a glut of information as part of their daily routines, and it is becoming increasingly difficult to manage the time and effort required to weed through what is relevant to our world and what is not.

ETCentric aggregates an array of relevant information and delivers in a single online resource. As a natural extension of ETC, it is designed as a virtual community where industry insiders can discuss new products, creative inspiration, evolving trends, and innovation in media technology. ETCentric serves as a professional network to inform, exchange ideas and spark discussion on a wide range of topics – from theater to film to gaming to interactive television and the Internet. Users are invited to access the site as a vital news source or become an integral part of the community by submitting content and participating in ongoing discussions.

The ETCentric audience consists of creative executives, technologists, decision makers, managers and analysts – so the editorial voice of our publication is characterized by multiple perspectives. We believe the best ideas emerge from varied points of view and encourage all to make the most of the experience by commenting on stories – or other readers’ comments – to foster dialogue and become part of our collective voice. Entertainment media is a rapidly evolving, dynamic industry that requires innovative thinking to help it flourish. At ETCentric, we provide you with the tools to make that happen.

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