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Verizon to get iPhone

“The new competition from Verizon may cause AT&T to push even harder to increase their network’s capability and reliability, so they may retain unhappy customers,” said Bryan Gonzalez of the Entertainment Technology Center in Los Angeles.

“In the end, the increase in available phones across carriers will only help consumers see lower rates and higher quality products in the marketplace.”

Having smartphones on multiple carriers will also help smartphone makers increase the size of their audience, Gonzalez said.

“This will only further spur competition in the multicarrier smartphone market,” Gonzalez said. “For a long time, the smartphone manufacturers were at the will of the cell phone carriers. But as smartphones become more appealing and gain popularity, phone carriers must start to give in to smartphone maker’s demands.”

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What Verizon iPhone users can expect

“The new iPhone will at a minimum have the same features offered on a GSM version of the iPhone,” said David Wertheimer, CEO and executive director of the Entertainment Technology Center at USC, a nonprofit consortium funded by Hollywood studios and a variety technology companies. “Customers will expect it to be in parity with what is offered by AT&T and other GSM carriers.”

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