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Active shutter glasses starting at ~$70 from Reality

If you already own a 3D-ready TV or you’re thinking of getting one in the near future,
here’s some good news that might interest you.
As you know, 3D electronic glasses sold by the TV manufacturers usually cost $150-$175 a pair or as little as $125, (if you’re lucky enough to find them). Also, manufacturers glasses seem to push style rather than comfort and durability and when you have children or a group of friends gathered for an evening of ESPN 3D, durability can  become a really important word.
We are pleased to announce a new line of Reality® 3D home entertainment products that offer an inexpensive solution to the high cost of manufacturers glasses… glasses that were more comfortable, durable and had one startling feature the other glasses didn’t have… compatibility with a variety of TVs, instead of just one.
We’ve attached a Reality 3D Home Entertainment Products Catalog, should you want to learn more. Our prices are lower than anyones, and they work with a variety of 3DTVs and 3D computer monitors.  Order now and avoid the stampede.

Read more in the product catalog (pdf) here: 2010 Reality Catalog 6

and at their website:

3D-Enabled Mobile Devices to Surpass 60 Million by 2014

What In-Stat said:
– Autostereoscopic 3D is necessary for 3D mobile device consumer acceptance.
– By 2012, 3D-enabled smartphones will represent 45 percent of all 3D-enabled mobile devices shipments.
– Penetration rates will be highest in the handheld game console market segment.
– Tablets, smartphones, and handheld game consoles, will incorporate 3D more quickly than other portable devices.

Emerging glasses-free 3D technology will drive so-enabled mobile devices over the next few years. That’s In-Stat’s point of view. The market researcher is predicting the shipment of more than 60 million 3D-capable mobile devices by 2014.

“Due to advancements in autostereoscopic 3D technology, a type of 3D technology that does not require glasses to view 3D images, 3D technology is finding its way into mobile devices,” said In-Stat’s Stephanie Ethier. “The more predictable viewing distance of mobile devices enables a compelling and convenient 3D experience. Additionally, many of the chipsets found in today’s smartphones have the processing power to handle 3D content; therefore the smartphones promise the largest opportunity for mobile 3D technology suppliers over the next five years.”

full story here:



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