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The New Branded Look: ETC Redesign

The brand new look of logo identity and website is a complete overhaul for the Entertainment Technology Center(ETC), which showcased a complete 360 degrees of integrated effort in both brand and digital platform for the ETcentric and ETcenter website. The branded experience is to convey relevant, creative technology and information for the broader audience. The look and feel connotes modern, clean, simple, innovative, sleek, high tech web 2.0, professional, scalable, intuitive, up-to-date and user-friendly website on few aspects such as dynamic user experience by engaging with less clicks.

The brand identity and digital communications site, designed and developed by 24Notion, is the first step in an integrated communications program for Entertainment Technology center. It includes ETcentric/ETcenter, which is an enhanced community engagement and development of digital web 3.0 portal. ETC has been on a mission to rediscover its identity and express it better through a redesign of its logo, visual assets and content delivery. These factors are key in a successful long-term growth in the company. The redesign is to depict the company’s energy and commitment to new era in evolution to reach a broader audience of entertainment and technology enthusiasts. The first phase of digital experience includes a launch of easy to navigate interface for browsing news stories, partnership only stories, highlights, resources, event information, social media component, as well as learning more about ETC as a whole.

The brand identity reinforces and enhances brand awareness for the ETC with a cohesive digital communications strategy and visitor experience. The site functionality serves as the purpose of news worthy, educational, and a one-source repository of all things ETC content-curated subject matters expert. Meanwhile, both and ETcentric digital marketing tool serve a few resources component for member-only discussion in white papers, digital and video sessions, breaking news and industry at large, and consortium of students’ engagement and information gathering/research platform for unique experiences.

The website’s new features include a complete and scalable multi-media front and back end design to customize the unique experience for current and new members. HTML 5, customizable javascript, CSS, SQL and PHP programming are a few key state of the art factors that launch this portal. Social engagement is embedded within the mix to create that sense of interactivity on current and future communities. New user-control features will make customizing the pages easier for consumers. Making a use of the full engagement on the web real estate helps ETC maximize the potential of curated content merged with visual storytelling.

The new high-impact design allows easier navigation, provides enhanced functionality, and encourages global site visitors to explore the merge of entertainment, media, and technology industry experts in bringing the publications right at your fingertips.




Data & Analytics Project

The Storytelling Cipher: Mapping Precise Story and Character Mechanics to Box Office Returns

Our Data & Analytics Project held “The Storytelling Cipher: Mapping Stories & Characters to Box Office Revenue” Tuesday, December 6, 2016 at the USC School of Cinematic Arts.

This study leverages the Dramatic taxonomy of film narrative to infer which scene-level character and story attributes generate more box office returns, by genre. We are extending this study to ads and movie trailers.

The project researchers used machine learning to map 70+ story attributes for 300 films to their box office returns to extract which story mechanics or character features in film generated the most revenue. This was the first time granular story and character mechanics have been used to predict box office returns, which opens up many avenues to make more data-driven creative and development decisions throughout the industry.

What’s a good story? The question has been hanging without a scientific answer since the dawn of man. It seems that a story’s lack of clear mathematical structure and universal taxonomy would relegate such classification of stories to the qualitative – and highly subjective- empire of critics and … people.

Until now.

The event presented results from the research, discussed applications for the development and creative process, and outlined next steps.

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