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Zen Pinball 3D (3DS) product review

[3DS Ware / Nintendo Life]

As gaming arcades and old-fashioned pinball tables become increasingly rare in public spaces, pinball enthusiasts can now revert to digitised versions for their fix. It’s good news for these gamers as the 3DS eShop’s latest 3D offering isZen Pinball 3D, a stereoscopic edition of the highly rated PlayStation Network release. We found a room with a sticky floor, lots of noisy gamers and walls of bright flashing screens, and put these tables to the test.  …


Zen Pinball 3D is an excellent representation of pinball, with the attractive stereoscopic visuals adding an extra sense of immersion. Four challenging, well-constructed tables are joined by a number of pleasing features, the extensive online leaderboards being a particular highlight. Our only complaint relates to the initial disconnect between the detailed tables and the small 3DS screen — in some respects this was unavoidable, but alternative designs would have removed the initial trial-and-error gameplay in favour of more immediately intuitive tables. That’s a minor issue in the overall scheme of things, leaving a high quality pinball experience that is genuinely heightened with the 3DS’s capabilities: worth serious consideration for all gamers.


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THQ’s Cory Ledesma Lays the 3D Smackdown on WWE All Stars

[Philip Lelyveld comment: I know John Gaudiosi, the story’s reporter, and would be happy to make introductions (his bio at bottom).]

[Gamer Live]

World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) has gone 3D. THQ has unleashed WWE All Stars for Nintendo 3DS. The new game comes packed with a roster of WWE Legends and prominent current-day WWE Superstars, including 13 WWE playable characters offered as downloadable content for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 titles earlier this year.  Cory Ledesma lays the smackdown on the jump to the third dimension in the video interview below.  …

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About the author:

John Gaudiosi

John Gaudiosi has been covering videogames for the past 17 years for outlets like The Washington Post, CNET, Wired Magazine and He has focused on the convergence of entertainment and videogames for outlets like Video Business, Home Media Magazine, Entertainment Weekly, The Hollywood Reporter and Variety. He currently serves as Editor-in-Chief of Gamerlive.TV and is also a freelance game columnist for Reuters and writes for outlets like Playboy Magazine, NVISION Magazine, GamePro Magazine, Official PlayStation Magazine, EGM Now,, AOL,, and Yahoo! Games. John also serves as the video game expert for NBC in Washington D.C. John was named one of the Top 50 Game Journalists in the world by in 2007. He is the co-author of Scholastic Books’ How to Get into Videogames, Prima Publishing’s Madden: Twenty Years of Videogame Football and Electronic Arts: The Official History.



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