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Uncharted Territory (In-theatre 3D group gaming experience!)

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Last month AMC Theatres in partnership with Sony hosted an Uncharted 3: Play it First in 3D event, that showcased the as of then yet-to-be-released multiplayer PlayStation videogame Uncharted 3 at five participating theatres across the United States. Participating theatres offered an inside look from the development team at Naughty Dog, a multiplayer tournament shown on the big screen in 3D, and raffles, prizes, and giveaways. I was fortunate enough to have been invited to attend the event that was held at the AMC Theatre in New York City’s Lincoln Center district. What I saw that night was a firsthand look at what was a proof of concept for another kind of alternative content event and although this does represent uncharted territory it is an event that could easily be duplicated in select theatres around the world.  …

What even those Insiders could not get at home that they got at the theatre that night, however, was the chance to be in the same room and compete against other teams of players in a game that took place on a forty-foot 3D screen in 4K Sony projection and Real D 3D. Executives from Naughty Dog introduced the game, showed a variety of trailers from the game, some behind-the-scens making of the game movies and then organized the audience into 24 teams of five players each. Sony PlayStation units were set up at the front of the auditorium and the results of the contest were projected on the big screen. Asked for a show of hands it was clear that the majority of the audience had already played the beat version of the game and it was just as clear that they all loved it.

AMC, citing company policy would not comment on how many people attended or confirm other reports that all five theatres sold out, but Ryan Noonan, AMC’s director of public relations did say, “We’re very pleased with the results.” Noonan could not say whether AMC would do a similar event again. “This was the first time we’ve done something like this,” he said, adding, “It was such a novel concept.”  Noonan said Hollywood movies remain the centerpiece of AMC offerings but he said the exhibitor always responds to positive feedback from its guests. Based on what I experienced at the Uncharted 3 event, the audience will ask for more.

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20 new & upcoming 3D films you haven’t heard of!


1. Fantastic Voyage

You’ll likely start hearing more about this one shortly, particularly now that producer Jim Cameron and director Shawn Levy have finished their current projects.  Remake of the classic flick about a group of scientists who are shrunken down and inserted into the human body (Joe Dante later remade it as “InnerSpace”) that, this time, will apparently fix less on the adventure and more on the romance (Guessing once that chick scientist inside the bod spots the start of a shaft it’s love its first sight?).  The 3D is likely going to look sensational since Jimbo’s involved. Just like “Avatar”, you’ll have heard it all before, but not seen it before.

2.  Untitled Metallica 3D movie

3. Night of the Living Dead 3D – Re-Animation

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