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3D Audio tutorial (6 parts downloadable)

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Mixing is arguably the most important stage of the music production process. When done properly, one can do everything from add energy and warmth to a sound to completely alter the feel and flow of an entire piece of music.


In my next few tutorials, I will be taking an in depth look at the mixing process to help you gain a better understanding of mixing concepts and in so doing, present one possible workflow scenario to help you streamline the process. For these tutorials I will be using Logic, but the concepts can be applied across the board.


Experience the tutorials here:

Stereo 3D Filmmaking: DVD course from FrameForge

[This post came from James Mathers President and Co-founder Digital Cinema Society.]

FrameForge Previz Studio, producers of Stereo 3D Filmmaking: The Complete Interactive Course. “Shot entirely in live action Stereo 3D and illustrated with clear and practical Stereo 3D animations, this DVD film course fully prepares the filmmaker with the skills and knowledge needed to thrive in the 3D Stereographic film world.”  The Stereo 3D Version of FrameForge Previz Studio 3 is designed for the professional stereographic filmmaker who wants to work with depth, parallax and screen offset in their real-time Previz.



ETC provides additional references and offers these resources for further information and detail.

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