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Study: Consumer Electronics Rank Second to Clothing Among Black Friday Purchases

Fifty-eight percent of Friday’s shoppers bought some type of consumer electronic product, second only to clothing, according to interim results from the Consumer Electronics Assn.’s Black Friday Survey.

This is up slightly from last year’s Thanksgiving survey, when CEA found that 54% of Americans purchased CE products.

The most popular electronics shoppers purchased this weekend were portable MP3 players; video game consoles and accessories; and computers, including notebooks and tablets.

The interim findings are the results of a Caravan telephone survey completed Friday. The survey consisted of 568 adults, 283 men and 285 women 18 years of age and older, living in the continental United States.

Nearly half of those surveyed had plans of shopping this weekend, with roughly 27% of U.S. adults having already shopped as of Friday. Seventy-eight percent of those surveyed shopped at a mass merchant.

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Mention of ETC in CNET CES 3D FAQ

Do 3D TVs use more power?

No manufacturer we asked would say one way or another, although two other sources (the head of USC’s Entertainment Technology Center, as well as Bruce Berkoff of the LCD TV association) said they do not. On the other hand, it’s true that the active LC shutter glasses effectively block half of the light arriving from the screen, and the lenses are not entirely transparent to begin with, so logically a TV displaying a 3D image could use more power than the same TV to produce a 2D image of equivalent brightness. But it’s just too early to know until we can test one.

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ETC provides additional references and offers these resources for further information and detail.

– ETC Digital Feedback Session. Coming Soon

– CEA Outlook: Trends to Watch.
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