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Immersive experience with VibeAttire Vibrating Vest

There are several exhibitors showcasing “vibro-tactile” audio experiences at CES, including vibrating earbuds and headphones.  But one of the more interesting is VibeAttire, a vest wired with vibrating motors and a small processor that converts audio signals into vibrations and maps them through the vest.

vibrating_vestIt was originally designed (in part with support from the National Science Foundation) to provide a music experience for the deaf.

It sounds weird, but it was actually a very cool immersive experience.  We listened to MP3s and watched part of “The Matrix” while wearing the vest, and can imagine a 3D movie or game with it on could be awesome.

And hey, if people are willing to wear the 3D glasses, maybe they wouldn’t mind a vibrating vest…

TwonkyMedia offers Connected Home Solutions

PacketVideo announced new versions of TwonkyMedia server software, including TwonkyServer Mobile designed specifically for Android handsets.  TwonkyMedia Manager version 1.3 is compatible with more than twice the number of consumer devices than previous releases.  TwonkyMedia solutions are currently available on more than two million CE products for sharing media on devices located throughout the home network.  Now users can now stream media located on Android handsets to other connected products using their phone as a media sharing device.

From HP Netbooks to Apple iPhones the software allows management of large libraries of media and also supports Facebook photos, SHOUTcast radio stations, Flickr photos and a selection of rich video sites.

twonky3TwonkyMedia server for Windows XP/Vista, Mac and Linux is currently available for $29.95.

Additionally, TwonkyBeam is free software that lets users stream media directly from a browser to devices around the home.  It emerged from beta and now supports playlists for slide shows and video and music channels and easy software updates.  And with access through a browser plug-in users can now display available media on a personal Web page.



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