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Sony Intros SR Memory

Sony introduced its SR memory platform, which aims to add file-based capabilities to its SR format.
Underscoring the HPA supersession theme of workflows, this platform enables a direct to edit native workflow of the SR codec, explained Sony marketing manager Peter Crithary.
The SR memory card can accommodate up to 1 TB of storage, and the product family includes an SR memory camcorder, a camera adapter, a transfer unit and a deck.
Sony recommends the system for any file-based production, including movies, TV and documentary work.
The line will be available in the summer; pricing has not been announced.

HPA Attendees Survey: 3D to Cord Cutting

Each day at the Tech Retreat, Leon Silverman and Jerry Pierce conducted an informal attendee survey, generating sometimes surprising responses. Among the questions and answers:
–Is 3D in the home dead? roughly 80% of the audience raised their hands
–Cord cutting? Some, but not many, attendees have already done so.
–When will packaged media disappear from stores? Very few said within five years, and very few said within10 years.

The final Thursday session included a report on Disney’s restoration efforts, which to date have included over 200 titles, with roughly 70 in the past year.
The studio has been restoring its animated classic, as well as live action productions. Recent restorations included animated films such as Fantasia and Dumbo, as well as live action titles such as The Love Bug.
Titles in the pipeline include: Blackbeard’s Ghost, Quiz Show, Horse Whisperer and The Apple Dumpling Gang.



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