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IMF Version 1.0 Launches

The HPA Tech Retreat attendees applauded the news that version 1.0 of the Interoperable Master Format, or IMF, will be published next week.
The IMF—whose draft was created by studio representatives and other stakeholders under the ETC@USC umbrella—is now the subject of a SMPTE working group with a goal of standardizing the format.
Chairing the SMPTE group is Annie Chang, vp postproduction technology at Walt Disney Studios. During the HPA session on interoperable mastering and interoperable media, she offered an overview of IMF, and she explained that there would be a basic level, supporting today’s needs; followed by an extended level, in an effort to future proof the format.
Citing the HPA discussions about the AMPAS work, she noted that IMF would be used upstream from IIF ACES.
Also during the panel, Brad Gilmer of the Advanced Media Workflow Association offered an overview of FIMS (Framework for Interoperable Media Services), an EBU/AMWA effort.
Via a recorded message, EBU’s Hans Hoffmann noted that FIMS aims to achieve interoperability at a time that the industry is moving toward software-based workflow. He suggested that this could result in flexible workflows with cost efficiencies and production efficiencies.
Said Gilmer of its development effort: “We want to be fast as there is a limited window to do this before there are tons of deployments.”
Participation in IMF and FIMS work was encouraged.


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