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iPhone App: 3D Camera

Juicy Bits today released a free update to 3D Camera for iPhone and iPod touch to take advantage of iOS 4 and the Retina display. 3D Camera is an app that makes it easy to create 3D photos and share them with friends on Facebook and Twitter. 3D Camera earned 4.5 mice (out of 5) from Macworld and is frequently among the top 100 photography apps worldwide.

To create a 3D image, left and right photos are captured using the built-in camera. An enhanced camera overlay includes three different alignment modes and a “ghost” feature to easily align the two images. If the left and right photos have already been taken, they can be selected from the iPhone photo album.

Next, the two images are repositioned to control the apparent depth of the final 3D photo. Moving the right image to the right causes it to recede back into the screen, while moving it to the left causes it to “pop out.” The two images can also be sent wirelessly to 3D Camera Studio for iPad. 3D Camera creates color and grey anaglyph images that are viewed using common red/cyan 3D glasses, stereogram images that are viewed without glasses (parallel and cross-eyed), and “wigglegram” images that produce a simulated 3D effect.

The final 3D photo can be saved to the iPhone photo album for later use, sent to a friend via e-mail, or sent to Facebook and Twitter. Many custom settings are available to control the size, quality, and method used to produce the final 3D image. A “More” button provides access to a short, online video tour and additional documentation.

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