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Movie goers are handed chance to be having it large (World's 2nd largest 3D/2D IMAX theatre)

[Sheffield Telegraph]

CINEMAGOING in Sheffield took a giant leap forward last week with the opening of an IMAX screen at the Cineworld multiplex at Valley Centertainment in Attercliffe.

The larger and slightly curved screen which aims to fill the viewer’s entire peripheral vision was unveiled at a gala screening of Disney 3D fantasy adventure John Carter.

The £1m investment also provides enhanced clarity of digital projection and digital sound olus customised seating lay-out to maximise the audience’s field-of-view.

At 70ft x 39ft 5in, it is the second biggest digital IMAX screen in the world sited in what is claimed to be the biggest IMAX auditorium with nearly 600 seats. …


You pay an extra £4.50 for the privilege and the cinema is confident that there will be a ready market for the ultimate 3D experience. And the enthusiastic response to the frankly unremarkable opening film, John Carter, would indicate that the sheer scale of the vision does make it especially exciting. …

“What you find,” added O’Reilly, “is that real fans will want to see their favourite movie in all its formats and won’t be satisfied until they have seen it in IMAX, 3D and 2D.”

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