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Lion King 3D; Beauty 3D Blu 2011

Disney is quietly converting “The Lion King” to 3D and readying a double-barrel blitz of the 3D version of “Beauty and the Beast” in theaters and on Blu-ray next year, according to a knowledgeable source.

Even though the studio has delayed the theatrical release of the 3D version of “Beauty and the Beast” by at least a year, the conversion has been completed on the project for a little while now. Twenty minutes of converted scenes were exhibited publicly a year ago at the D23 Expo, which received a very strong reception. The movie was slated for theatrical release on Feb. 12 but shortly after the underwhelming theatrical re-release of a 3D double-feature of “Toy Story” and “Toy Story 2″ last fall, the studio pulled “Beauty and the Beast” from the theatrical schedule.

Meanwhile, the first Blu-ray edition of “Beauty and the Beast” was announced for Oct. 5, but no 3D version there either. (The studio has been a little unpredictable with its 3D Blu-ray strategy — announcing a 3D Blu-ray version of “A Christmas Carol” for Nov. 16 but no 3D version of “Toy Story 3″ with the Nov. 2 Blu-ray of that title and no 3D versions of any of Disney’s other 3D titles from “Chicken Little” and “Nightmare Before Christmas” to “Bolt” or “Up.”)

The unofficial word from the studio about the theatrical delay was that Disney wanted to rerelease it during the movie’s 20th anniversary year in 2011. Insiders say that worked out conveniently to give the non-3D Blu-ray release this fall enough of a sales window before the movie came out in theaters next year, which will then set up a holiday 2011 release of the 3D Blu-ray version of the movie. It’s not unlike Fox’s even tighter windowing of “Avatar,” first on Blu-ray April 22 and then a theatrical rerelease in late August to be followed by an as yet unannounced “Avatar” special edition Blu-ray in November (and a quiet 3D Blu-ray release on Dec. 1 exclusively with purchase of Panasonic equipment) and an eventual retail release of the “Avatar” 3D Blu-ray in 2011.

Meanwhile, it’s encouraging to hear that Disney still feels strongly enough about 3D and converting its library titles that it has set to work on the studio’s modern-day masterpiece, “The Lion King.”

by Scott Hettrick

Aug 31, 2010

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International 3D Society Announces 3D Technology Century Award Winners

The International 3D Society announced today that IMAX, RealD and Texas Instruments DLP Cinema will each be honored with a Century Award for their historical achievement at the Stereoscopic 3D Technology Awards scheduled for October 19, 2010 at 7pm at the Mann’s Chinese Theatre.

The Century Award is the highest honor bestowed by the membership of the International 3D Society and a blue ribbon panel of stereoscopic experts. Three companies will be recognized for their historical achievement in Stereoscopic 3D over the past thirty years. IMAX is being honored for its “Solido Systems” technology, RealD for its “Cinema System” digital 3D projection technology and Texas Instruments for its “DLP Cinema” technology.

“IMAX Solido was an important stepping stone in the evolution of IMAX 3D technology. It introduced millions of moviegoers to IMAX 3D and we’re honored to be recognized with this award as we continue to break new ground in 3D cinema with our current digital projection system,” stated Brian Bonnick, IMAX’s Executive Vice President, Technology.

“The RealD Cinema System introduced today’s digital 3D revolution by blending cutting-edge 3D science with a new breed of digital cinema projection to solve the issues inherent to film-based 3D of old,” said Joseph Peixoto, President of Worldwide Cinema at RealD.

” Who would have thought that our 3D technology invention that started in our lab would now be enabling a major part of digital cinema 3D worldwide,” said Dave Duncan, business manager for Texas Instruments, DLP Cinema Products. “We are very proud to receive this award and are committed to furthering 3D from the theater to the home and now the classroom for interactive learning.”

The black-tie Stereoscopic 3D Technology Awards ceremony will recognize technological achievement across the stereoscopic medium.

“These Century Awards will record for history the technologies, organizations and individuals responsible for 3D’s extraordinary journey,” added Jim Chabin, President of the International 3D Society.

Buzz Hays, Society Chair and Executive Stereoscopic 3D Producer for the Sony 3D Technology Center, Sony Corporation of America, noted, “The field of stereoscopic 3D has progressed dramatically in the past decade and continues to evolve daily as more and more talented individuals get involved and identify new needs and opportunities. 3D technologies continue to advance, it is important to recognize the achievements of the visionaries who created the tools to empower the artists who, together, will propel our medium forward.”

The International 3D Society is a professional community dedicated to advancing the arts and technologies of Stereoscopic 3D. The 3D Technology Awards Show will feature MasterImage3D passive glasses and technology and NEC projectors and equipment.

XpanD and Panasonic are Platinum Sponsors, NEC Display Solutions is a Gold Sponsor and Nvidia and Quantel are Silver Sponsors of the 3D Technology Awards Show. International 3D Society sponsors include Signature Sponsor XpanD and Founding Sponsors MasterImage 3D, Panasonic Hollywood Lab, The Walt Disney Studios, DreamWorks Animation (DWA), Dolby and IMAX and Member Sponsors Discovery Communications, Autodesk and DirecTV.

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Data & Analytics Project

The Storytelling Cipher: Mapping Precise Story and Character Mechanics to Box Office Returns

Our Data & Analytics Project held “The Storytelling Cipher: Mapping Stories & Characters to Box Office Revenue” Tuesday, December 6, 2016 at the USC School of Cinematic Arts.

This study leverages the Dramatic taxonomy of film narrative to infer which scene-level character and story attributes generate more box office returns, by genre. We are extending this study to ads and movie trailers.

The project researchers used machine learning to map 70+ story attributes for 300 films to their box office returns to extract which story mechanics or character features in film generated the most revenue. This was the first time granular story and character mechanics have been used to predict box office returns, which opens up many avenues to make more data-driven creative and development decisions throughout the industry.

What’s a good story? The question has been hanging without a scientific answer since the dawn of man. It seems that a story’s lack of clear mathematical structure and universal taxonomy would relegate such classification of stories to the qualitative – and highly subjective- empire of critics and … people.

Until now.

The event presented results from the research, discussed applications for the development and creative process, and outlined next steps.

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