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Digital Town Square

Speakers at DTS, February 2014

On Thursday, February 27th, the ETC@USC hosted another Digital Town Square at the Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood. This event, the fourth in a series, was entitled: “Metadata Meets Big Data: New Opportunities for Content Distribution.”

Industry leaders participated in a 360° forum about the challenges and opportunities for harnessing metadata and big data to boost monetization of digital content. The event featured presentations of cutting-edge solutions for systemizing and optimizing metadata on the program, scene and frame level and for mining meta-tags to enhance consumer discovery and experience. Discussion centered on how to maximize core as well as valued-added and promotional content; how to develop efficient, interoperable distribution systems in a highly-fragmented, constantly evolving landscape; tapping the vast pool of meta-tags and audience data to build audience share and to personalize search and recommendations; standards and best practices; and more.

Presenters and Speakers:

Mark Fleming, Manager, Partner Operations, Google

Ellen Goodridge, Vice President, Global Digital Operations & Product Development , Sony Pictures Entertainment

Mark Hodges, Senior Managing Account Director, Acxiom

Kevin McEntee, Vice President, Digital Supply Chain, Netflix

Michael Pollard, Sr. Manager, Distribution Operations, Disney/ABC Networks Group

Brendan Sullivan, Executive Vice President, Global Operations and Technology, Vubiquity


Mark Turner, Content Relations, Dolby

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Digital Cinema Lab (DCL)

The Digital Cinema lab has relocated to the University of Southern California campus!

Eileen Norris Cinema Theatre
 3507 Trousdale Parkway
Los Angeles, CA 90089
Tel: (213) 743-1600

Parking (USC Map Grid indicators)
Entrance off Jefferson Blvd and Royal St: Gate 4 (G3)
Parking Structure D (G4)
Norris Theatre (E4)

Brief History

The Digital Cinema Laboratory opened at the historic Hollywood Pacific Theatre in October 2000 to perform research and establish benchmarks regarding standards for digital cinema distribution and exhibition. The DCL has been host to myriad meetings, discussions, tests and demos surrounding digital cinema. ETC and the DCL are often credited for providing the catalyst that made digital cinema a reality rather than a theoretical discussion.

In November 2006, after digital theaters began rolling out in earnest, ETC moved the lab to the Eileen Norris Cinema Theatre on the University of Southern California campus in downtown Los Angeles, where the DCL could continue providing a testing facility at the same time providing a platform for training the next generation of film creators.

DCL Mission

To be a global leader in providing a test bed for digital cinema distribution and exhibition, as well as for the growing use of digital cinema technology in image creation and post production.

To evaluate proposed technology solutions for quality, robustness, and interoperability.

To reach out to the creative community and bring their needs and their artistic and critical skills to bear on solving problems in the transition to digital cinema.

To work with efforts underway around the world, so that digital cinema labs can share test materials and procedures.

To be a showcase for the best in cinema presentation.



ETC provides additional references and offers these resources for further information and detail.

- ETC Digital Feedback Session. Coming Soon

- CEA Outlook: Trends to Watch.
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