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2020 Spring Immersive Media Challenge

Spring 2020 Immersive Media Challenge

  • The challenge is to think like a futurist
    • Propose an engaging immersive experience that you cannot easily create today but expect to be able to create in 3-5 years, and…
    • Describe the innovations or developments that will make it possible
  • Challenge topics are “city play”, “for good”, “for fun”, or “for health”
    • The winning ideas will incorporate new and unique concepts that are difficult or impossible today, but that you anticipate will be possible within 3-5 years (we are looking for Tomorrowland, not Fantasyland).
    • Part of the judging criteria will be how well you describe how we get ‘from here to there’; what technology, infrastructure, story mechanic, standard, or feature needs to be developed?
    • The best ideas will have at least one element that is conceptually new and unique.
    • The 5G Twist:we know 5G is coming. How will constant connection to unlimited bandwidth and near-zero latency interactions (ex. avatars who respond with the timing of real people) impact your idea?
  • You will develop responses to a sequence of 6 questions, and create a 3-minute pitch video based on your answers
    • The judges will be looking for ‘a great idea well-told’
  • Executives at ETC@USC sponsor companieswill review all of the initial submissions and mentorthose that they find relevant to their work and their company’s interests.
    • This is an opportunity for you to casually interact with and network through working professionals
  • The best pitches will be presented at the next ETC@USC Board meeting.
    • The Board includes senior executives from Verizon, Microsoft, the 5 major Hollywood studios, and other entertainment tech companies
  • The Challenge ends at 6:00pm on Monday, March 2nd


Our Youtube channel can be found here
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  • To advance technology and innovation within the entertainment industry
  • To provide a neutral setting for the entertainment industry, technology and electronics companies and to identify and discuss pressing issues
  • To understand the impact of technology on the consumer experience and the creative process
  • To connect and leverage the University of Southern California’s extensive research facilities, faculty and student body with companies
  • To provide insight about emerging consumer habits
  • To convene industry peer groups and partners to share knowledge and experience
  • To create an environment for testing and evaluation of proposed technology solutions
  • To help identify new business models for the entertainment industry
  • To improve the consumer experience and advance the art of entertainment as the 21st century unfolds

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