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5G The Next Wave of Media Transformation

The Entertainment Technology Center at USC hosted a half-day forum on 5G as the next wave of media transformation on March 28, 2019, 1:00 PM – 5:30 PM, in Downtown Los Angeles.

The advent of 5G technologies is poised to transform entertainment supply chain, workflows, Hollywood enterprise relationships, and the very nature of the content itself. The agenda included explorative talks, panels, and presentations to define the 5G system of technologies, its transformative prospects for content creation, distribution, and consumption, raise discussion over the technology’s allowance of new types of live and immersive content, and the potential for these transitions to disrupt traditional Hollywood business models.

Attendees included professionals from each industry that this new technology touches along with fellow production executives, technologists and business strategists, and senior technologists from the consumer electronics industry in this exciting new conversation.


Getting up to Speed with 5G
Bhaskar Krishnamachari, Prof./Ming Hsieh Faculty Fellow in Electrical Engineering, USC Viterbi

Operating on the Edge
Pete Bernard, Principal Group Program Manager, Strategy and Ecosystems, Microsoft
Will Pressly, Senior Director of Engineering, Verizon
Winston Caldwell, VP Spectrum & Advanced Engineering, Fox Broadcast (Moderator)

New Frontiers in Immersive Entertainment
Flint Dille, Creative Lead, Niantic
Greg Gewickey, VP, Emerging Technology, WarnerMedia
Per Karlsson, Director, Digital Representation & Interaction Research, Ericsson
Anshel Sag, Analyst, Moor Insights (Moderator)

How Can Wireless Broadband Remake Production?
Michael Davies, SVP, Field Operations, Fox Sports
Ben Havey, VP, Technology Innovation Group, Walt Disney Productions
Mariah Scott, President, Skyward
Michael Chambliss, Advanced Production Technology Specialist, ICG (Moderator)

5G: The Potential vs. The Reality
Hanno Basse, CTO, 20th Century Fox Film Corp
Peter Linder, Head of 5G Marketing, North America, Ericsson
Wayne Purboo, SVP, Strategy and Business Development, AT&T
Jake Sally, Head of Immersive Development, RYOT
Jonathan Wood, Senior Director Ecosystem and Business Development Advanced Technologies Group, Intel
Spencer Stephens, President, TechXMedia (Moderator)

The Digital Town Squares are free events, invitation-only, and closed-door with no media attendance.


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  • To advance technology and innovation within the entertainment industry
  • To provide a neutral setting for the entertainment industry, technology and electronics companies and to identify and discuss pressing issues
  • To understand the impact of technology on the consumer experience and the creative process
  • To connect and leverage the University of Southern California’s extensive research facilities, faculty and student body with companies
  • To provide insight about emerging consumer habits
  • To convene industry peer groups and partners to share knowledge and experience
  • To create an environment for testing and evaluation of proposed technology solutions
  • To help identify new business models for the entertainment industry
  • To improve the consumer experience and advance the art of entertainment as the 21st century unfolds

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