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Loyalist college wants on 3D bandwagon

[By Jason Miller,]

Loyalist College [Belleville, Ontario] is on the verge of offering two highly sought after programs this fall.

The college is currently seeking funding from the Ministry of Colleges Training, and Universities, to offer a new 3D video production program.

The college is also nearing the launch of a revamped health science program, geared towards attracting students from India.

The Loyalist board of governors has approved the 3D television program which will see the Prince Edward County-based Headland New Media Development Organization collaborating with the college.

Stacey Hatch, the co-owner of Headland said it was natural fit for the local media company to work with Loyalist.

Headlanded, is not-for-profit organization started by Hatch and her partner David Hatch to foster the developement of new media, educational and mentoring apportunities.

“After years of being in television we wanted to do something to help the younger generation,” she said. “People are able to get trained in jobs that pay really well.”

The duo are also the proprietors of WhistleStop Productions, which is an independent television production company specializing in live sporting events, magazine and documentary productions.

The post-diploma 3D program will be offered through a condensed one-semester format aimed at graduates with backgrounds in television and other media studies.

The program will be open to a cohort of about 15 students who will be working exclusively out of the hi-tech studios at Headlands Picton office.

John McMahon, the vice-president of academic said the decision to offer the 3D program was spurred by talks with industry professionals who saw it as an ideal fit to the Loyalist media program offerings. He credited the Hatch team has being one of the driving forces behind its current success.


“It was mentioned that 3D was an innovative program for the future,” he said.

McMahon said the ground work for the 3D program development has already been laid and staff is currently focused on tweaking certain details.

The next couple of months will be dedicated to marketing the program to potential applicants.

“The 3D program could attract not only our own graduates but also university and college graduates from across the country,” he said. “It’s going to be a very competitive program.”

Board chair, Stuart Wright, called the developments “exciting changes for Loyalist.” He said the program will position Loyalist at the “forefront” of the niche 3D video production market.

McMahon said the college is currently ironing out final details of the revised applied health administration program. Loyalist staff has identified that the new packaging of the program would be a big draw for students in India, McMahon said.

“It’s revised delivery model to satisfy demand from international students,” he said. “There’s a tremendous demand for Ontario programs. Students in India and China are looking for the best programs.”

The program, which could start as early as May, would serve as a venue for students who already have health training in India to enhance their Canadian credentials in an effort to secure employment here.

The first semester of the five semester curriculum would be offered online while the remainder would be taught at the Belleville campus. The program doesn’t require any additional capital investment from Loyalist and is expected to cater to about 30 to 40 new students.

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