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Project Bossanova plans to launch Linux-only game

[Project Bossanova Contest , Benjamin Humphrey / Ohso Ltd.]

Project Bossanova, established to launch the first ever 3D game exclusively for Linux, today announced a new competition aimed at finding that game. After two weeks, the project will select three of the top submissions and allow their audience to vote on which one they’d like to see the project sponsor.

Given that the competition is geared toward small, independent game developers, Project Bossanova has teamed up with Desura, the company behind both ModDB and IndieDB, to help spread the word. This is an obvious benefit for Project Bossanova in terms of visibility for the project, but Desura also feels that they can benefit from the partnership in the future as well.

“Linux users and gamers may be a minority, but they certainly are the most vocal and passionate, which the humble indie bundle has demonstrated twice now,” said Desura Founder Scott Reismanis. “Having an original, exclusive Linux game champion the platform is a step in the right direction, and an exciting possibility for us as we work towards bringing our digital distribution client to Linux as well.”

“We’re very excited to work with Desura in this joint venture as they have established themselves as the name in independent gaming,” said Project Bossanova Team Lead and Editor-in-Chief of Ubuntu news site OMG! Ubuntu! Benjamin Humphrey. “As we have stated before, this is an ambitious project, but with the Desura partnership in place, we feel that we are one step closer to achieving our goal.”

Game development teams and companies can submit their game as an entry to the contest directly to However, they must commit to making the game available for Linux only, profit sharing with the project, and will also be encouraged to publish the game’s code under an OSI-approved license.

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