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NAB Virtual Cloud Conference Day 2

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Conference WelcomeETCProject Cloud Erik Weaver
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Keynote: Digital Asset Management in the Cloud: Lessons Learned from Miramax

Abstract: Miramax is constantly seeking new and efficient ways to manage the large volume and rights formats of their digital assets and prepare for the future, this discussion will focus on cloud-based digital asset management in the Media & Entertainment industry. Specifically, the session will do a deep dive on Miramax's implementation of a SaaS digital rights management solution which efficiently manages their vast film library acquired from Disney. Miramax's VP of IT, will highlight lessons learned and some unexpected discoveries during the aggressive 90 day implementation window. As a result of implementing a robust asset management solution, Miramax was able to significantly increase revenues from $40M to $190, a 4- fold increase.
MiramaxVP ITDenise Evans
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Let customers elect where they live, eat and breathe: Build an Agnostic Cloud!

Abstract: Empower your Enterprise organization to capitalize on the opportunities and advantages of the Cloud. Technology departments should become your partner, enabler and true Cloud broker that delivers platform agnostic Cloud solutions that accelerate delivery, efficiency and innovation within the Enterprise. Creating a Cloud agnostic strategy today, provides flexibility and openness that will allow you to avoid vendor lock in, lower the total cost of ownership and reduce the risk of technology shifts.
TechnicolorVPDickerson Mark
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Making Broadcast MAMs More Like the Cloud

Abstract: This talk would describe the use of cloud-based self-service work spaces in broadcast workflows – including the problem of obtaining ready access to tens of TB of original programming, and having the ability to share that with any global partner both as proxies and as full-broadcast resolution content. The talk will review two different yet effective self-serve delivery model that allows business partners quick and easy access to original content, and the option to transcode it into the format of their choice.
AframeVP North American SalesDavid Frasco
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LUNA - Lessons in cloud based workflow: Universal & ETC

Abstract: LUNA, a short film produced by Universal/ETC cloud project, had the goal to establish the past, examine the current reality and determine benefits of cloud centralization. This talk will explore the out come from multiple points of view, including Studio perspective, Directors point of view then outline failures and successes of the project.
Digital Film TreeCTO Guillaume Aubchon
Hybrid & Ecosystems
Click Here for VideoUsing Hybrid Cloud technology to manage on premise content across multiple locations

Abstract: Key challenges faced by content producers, owners and workflow users alike, include: Movement of thousands of media assets between teams across multiple locations, departments - this leads to issues with file naming, search and not to mention multiple versions. This presentation will provide an overview of "Hybrid Cloud" technology that effectively addresses these challenges.
PrimefocusCTO - AmericasChris Chen
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Exploring the Hybrid Cloud

Abstract: This session will explore the workings and benefits of a software based, on-premise/cloud hybrid media processing platform. A hybrid or private cloud solution allows core processing volume to run on a customer premise within a virtualized private cloud infrastructure like OpenStack, Joyent, VMWare etc. In this model the true benefit of cloud media processing, elastic capacity, is maintained. Because the on-premise capacity limits of private cloud are reached by job volume, the hybrid cloud bursts seamlessly to the public cloud environments with no disruption in workflow. This presentation will discuss the hybrid cloud in detail and cover its benefits to customers' workflow.
Encoding.comCEOJeff Malkin
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Media workflow powered by cloud-based platform

Abstract: To date, most large companies needing to support massive scale media workflows have been relying on custom developed digital media software solutions hosted via large in-house private data centers. Along with the maturation of the public cloud, a new generation of media platform services relying on IaaS will become a more technically viable and operationally sustainable alternative to in-house solutions. We’ll investigate the rationale behind the evolution towards cloud based media platforms, and the future of what these might become in the next 2 to 5 years.
Sony/MCSCTOBen Masek
ROI/cost savings
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ROI: How studios increase efficiency, reduce costs and improves quality of content

Abstract: For almost a decade 5th Kind has been working with Studios and Productions to create a holistic secure platform to streamline and
organize all the digital file and communication workflows throughout the production process. In this discussion we will explore the
challenges and solutions to a range of production workflows and how the unified platform can be used to deliver a high ROI with increased
efficiencies and help create better quality products.
5th KindCEOSteve Cronan
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Cost Advantages of Cloud Video

Abstract: Envivio will illustrate the ways in which using the cloud for video processing, storage and delivery will help service providers better manage their costs.
EnvivioCTOArnaud Perrier
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Metadata in the Cloud: Future Proofing Digital Revenue Streams Today

Abstract: How effective metadata management in the cloud can help a studio ensure that their IP is being effectively monetized across all channels, all geographies and at all times. This session will discuss how studios are leveraging cloud technologies to most effectively manage their metadata, streamline production and distribution workflow and maximize digital revenue generation.
FilmTrackCEOJason Kassin
OTT/Second Screen
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Shoot the Bird: Linear Broadcast Distribution on AWS

Abstract: Can traditional live linear content distribution models be effectively evolved from existing satellite communication networks to pure IP-based cloud-centric transit? In this session we will take a look at requirements that must be met to facilitate wide-scale distribution of content at low latency with high levels of availability, durability, reliability and throughput. We’ll look at best practices for high availability and resilience, take a deep dive into topics such as effective erasure correction and deterministic network topologies, factor in advantages around lower cost for compute and bandwidth when utilizing cloud-based infrastructure, and arrive at a reference architecture that can be used to drive B2B content distribution through the cloud at scale.
AWSPrinciple Solutions ArchitectUsman Shakeel
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Managing the New Content Supply Chain: Efficiently Reach and Monetize Audiences on all Screens

Abstract: New content supply chain has become increasingly more complex, as we move into the digital era with simplified, customizable workflow products, unifying legacy linear studio systems with digital content management and delivery across devices. This session will discuss the next evolution of cost-effective, powerful media-management solutions that combines the major components of a broadcast facility into a single workflow to launch and support fully automated and branded dynamic live stream channels, to all platforms, at a lower cost than a traditional broadcast infrastructure.
WorldnowChief Innovation OfficerRobert Forsyth
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Cloud Atlas: A movie or a distribution movement?

Abstract: How the Cloud is enabling the transition from the Classic Transactional VOD to Electronic Sell Through for MVPDs and OTT players alike. VUBIQUITY discusses launching a cloud based retail video service by demystifying the puzzle of costs vs timing, understanding the pace of consumer demand and reinventing the conditional access model.
VubiquityEVP Brendan Sullivan
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Leveraging Cloud to Build your OTT Channel

Abstract: Once you get the green light to go OTT and build a direct relationship with your consumer, how do you get it done? What are the best practices and what are the various components in a cloud-based OTT technology stack? How do you choose the right partners for ad network integration, storefront and user experience, lead gen and analytics, as well as production/distribution fundamentals such as encoding, video player and play out? Most importantly, how does all this technology fit together and who are the major players with both expertise and proven solutions? In this informative panel discussion you'll learn the essentials around integrating cloud into an OTT strategy around content, front end, distribution, and monetization opportunities.
HITS/MESAExe DirGuy Finley
8:00-9:30Cocktail reception - YouTube Studios LA


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  • To advance technology and innovation within the entertainment industry
  • To provide a neutral setting for the entertainment industry, technology and electronics companies and to identify and discuss pressing issues
  • To understand the impact of technology on the consumer experience and the creative process
  • To connect and leverage the University of Southern California’s extensive research facilities, faculty and student body with companies
  • To provide insight about emerging consumer habits
  • To convene industry peer groups and partners to share knowledge and experience
  • To create an environment for testing and evaluation of proposed technology solutions
  • To help identify new business models for the entertainment industry
  • To improve the consumer experience and advance the art of entertainment as the 21st century unfolds

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